FPRA’s 81st Annual Conference "We Are FPRA: PRoactive. PRincipled. PRofessionals." is a four-day conference of unparalleled professional development and networking for public relations professionals.

Attendees will hear from world-class speakers hailing from top global corporations, powerhouse industries and national public relations and marketing firms to hone their craft and to ensure they stay relevant for today’s communications challenges.

This year’s conference will be held at the Tampa Marriott Water Street property in downtown Tampa from August 4-7, 2019. Check out the property’s amenities here!

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2019 FPRA Annual Conference Overall
General Sessions

General Session A | Living Life at Performance Level | Curtis Zimmerman
General Session B – Fireside Chat | An Inside View: Lessons from Las Vegas Shooting | Michelle Bono and David Riggleman
Dillin Keynote Address | Lose Your Mine: Getting Ahead by Letting Go | Adrian Parker
General Session C (Lunch) | I Didn’t Know You Could Do That and Make a Career Out of the Army! | Mitchell E. Marovitz
General Session D | Mind the Gap: Women’s Leadership in Public Relations | Tina McCorkindale and Rebecca Rickert
Closing Session | Compelling Connections: How and Why Your Influence Matters | Tim Walsh

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session 1A | Panel on Communicating Effectively in a Natural Disaster | Buffy Lockette, April Salter and Gordon Paulus
Breakout Session 1B | Leading with Influence | Carolyn Maue and Carol Bennett
Breakout Session 1C | Cutting Through the Digital Noise | Carolyn Capern and Greg Trujillo
Breakout Session 1D | Overcoming Barriers One Post at a Time: PR in the #MeToo Era | Bianca Sabrkhani

Breakout Session 2A | How to Win with Media | Heidi Schauer
Breakout Session 2B | Best Behaviors to Boost Your Google Ranking | Randy Mitchelson
Breakout Session 2C | The Mirage of Multitasking: Finding Your Focus, Flow and Finish Line | Scott Blades
Breakout Session 2D | Reputation Management in the Digital Age | Giselle Hecker and Katherine Staiano

Breakout Session 3A | Ignoring Intuition: Developing a Data-Driven PR Program | Ryan Cohn
Breakout Session 3B | Winning the Growing Hispanic Market via Transcreation | Wilson Camelo
Breakout Session 3C | From Analysis to Action: Keys to Building an Effective Grassroots Movement | Daniel Andrews
Breakout Session 3D | Make My Day: Writing that Wins – and Wows | Tracy Zampaglione

Breakout Session 4A | How to Use Self-Awareness as a Personal and Professional Asset | Hardy Smith
Breakout Session 4B | Are Brands People? The Benefits and Pitfalls of Humanizing Your Brand on Social Media | Nathan Allebach
Breakout Session 4C | Blog SEO: How to Get Your Owned Media Found | Braden Becker
Breakout Session 4D | Artificial Intelligence and PR: What You Need to Know | Martin Waxman
Breakout Session 4E| Education & PR: How to Create an Effective Strategy | Erica Pagliarulo 

CN Roundtable Discussions 

Curtis Zimmerman
Adrian Parker
Mitchell E. Marovitz