FPRA’s 81st Annual Conference "We Are FPRA: PRoactive. PRincipled. PRofessionals." is a four-day conference of unparalleled professional development and networking for public relations professionals.

Attendees will hear from world-class speakers hailing from top global corporations, powerhouse industries and national public relations and marketing firms to hone their craft and to ensure they stay relevant for today’s communications challenges.

This year’s conference will be held at the Tampa Marriott Water Street property in downtown Tampa from August 4-7, 2019. Check out the property’s amenities here!

Make the most of your time in Tampa! See what events are going on around the area during conference here!

Register for FPRA’s  81st Annual Conference here!
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Data-Driven Content Marketing
Ceralytics takes you from guessing to knowing.

Our job is to help you help your audience. For most marketers, their audience’s true needs remain a mystery. They rely on guessing, testing, guessing again, and hitting their head against the wall until they either find some semblance of success, or they give up entirely.

We knew there had to be a better way to identify what your audience needs, and give you the insights to deliver on those needs. That’s how we came up with the idea behind Ceralytics.

Our platform and analysis bridge the gap between your consumers’ needs and the content marketing you provide. To accomplish this, we are pioneers in content intelligence, a process that identifies and predicts the content topics and themes that provide the most value to your audience. Through this process, we identify content gaps, strengths, and opportunities you have in your industry.

Through these content insights, you can align your outreach strategy, resources, and budgets to focus on content that is highly impactful and serves your consumers’ needs.